10 Reasons the Glock19 is the ONLY Choice for Urban Survival

10 Reasons the Glock19 is the ONLY Choice for Urban Survival

My standard answer for any questions that begins with “Which handgun is best for…?” is simple. The answer is always “A Glock 19”. Nightstand gun? Glock 19. Concealed carry weapon? Glock 19. Range gun? Glock 19. First gun? Glock 19. Hunting? A Glock 19, of course. (Joking – maybe.)

Here are 10 reasons I think it’s the best (and ONLY) choice for Urban Survival:

Reason 1 – CALIBER

The 9mm parabellum round is the most widely used handgun round in the world. The military, many law enforcement agencies (Yes, I know about 40 S&W – but it still is not as popular as 9mm and many agencies are making the switch back to 9mm from 40 S&W), and millions of civilians all use 9mm weapons. That means there are millions, and most likely billions, of rounds “available” if you find yourself in a survival situation. 

“But, but… stopping power. Nothing less than <insert current trendy round here> can stop a drug crazed criminal.” Bullshit. Don’t listen to internet gun geeks and armchair commandos. 9mm rounds properly placed will stop whoever you need them to. Additionally, for our purpose we will not be limited to full metal jacket ammunition so we are free to use the best hollow point ammunition we can buy / find.

9MM Hollow Point Ammunition

Reason 2 – SIZE

It’s often said that the Glock 19 is small enough to conceal but big enough to fight with.  We agree. Small, or sub-compact, handguns can be hard to manipulate for some people but the Glock 19 seems to strike the perfect balance here. While it is a compact pistol it is generally large enough that you can get a full grip on the gun unless you have relatively large hands. President Trump wouldn’t have any issues. Calm down. I’m kidding.

Reason 3 – CAPACITY

15 + 1 = 16 rounds. The Glock 19’s standard magazine carries 15 rounds of 9mm in addition to your chambered round (we don’t support empty chambers around here) so even if you have plenty of firepower immediately available.  And more if you want it.  See reason 4.


Glock 19’s accept their own 15 round magazines, 17 round Glock 17 magazines, and even Glock’s 33 round magazine original designed for the Glock 18. It will also accept Magpul’s Glock PMAG magazines in 15, 19, 21, and 27 round capacities. There are other brands but don’t bother. Frankly, they suck and aren’t reliable.

Bottom line – there are plenty of mags that work and in addition to your own supply you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some. In a pinch you can even use 10 round Glock 26 magazines if you’re willing to shorten (cut) your grip.

Glock 9MM Magazine Sizes


When Gaston Glock designed his handgun he succeeded in creating a beautifully simple weapon. The Glock 19 has exactly 34 parts and can be field stripped by hand and completely disassembled with a finish nail if need be. For comparison, a Beretta M9 has 55 parts. 


The Glock 19 is very reliable. In fact, Glock models chambered in 9mm are some of the most reliable handguns on the planet (I would say the most reliable but that invites rabid fans of other brands who want to enter into a reliability circle jerk). Simply put, the Glock will fire when you need it to.


No thumb safeties. No de-cockers. No silly stuff to fumble around with. Trigger, slide release, and a magazine release. Those are your controls. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Reason 8 – SAFETY

“Glocks don’t have safeties!” You sure about that, Chucky? Glocks do have safeties. In fact, they have 3 safeties. They have a trigger safety on the trigger which prevents accidental pressure from moving the trigger. There is a firing pin safety. This blocks the firing pin’s movement and keeps it from moving forward until the trigger is pulled, moving the trigger bar and pushing the firing pin safety upward and allowing the firing pin to move forward. Finally, there is the drop safety. Rather than explain it myself, I’ll let Glock do it. “The trigger bar rests on the safety ramp within the trigger mechanism housing. The trigger bar engages the rear portion of the firing pin and prevents the firing pin from moving forward. As the trigger is pulled rearward the trigger bar lowers down the safety ramp and allows the release of the firing pin. After firing, the trigger bar moves upward and reengages the firing pin. As the trigger is released, all safeties automatically reengage.” 

You can also visit Glock’s website. They have descriptions and animation showing all three safeties in action.

Reason 9 – SPARE PARTS

More than 10 million Glocks have been produced. If you need a spare part your going to have a really good chance of finding it in a Urban Survival scenario. 

Reason 10 – BECAUSE IT’S A GLOCK 19

This reason might seem like I ran out of reason, but not really. I could keep this list going but I truly believe the GLOCK 19 is probably the greatest and most versatile handgun ever made. 

Glock G19 Gen III

Think I’m wrong? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you carry or own and why you like it.


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